We are happy to share that Innovasys Ltd. participates in a socially responsible program under the project "Real honey from Bulgarian beekeepers". This is a project with a cause behind quality honey products, behind the stimulation of Bulgarian beekeepers to increase the population of bees and last but not least - behind the protection of the environment.

We chose to support the beekeepers Ivan Geshev and Ekaterina Eneva, who raise over 200 bee families.

In addition, we will delight our corporate partners with a sweet gift from our hive.

Did you know that...?

Bees are the most effective and beneficial insects for mankind and the world. They not only make our lives easier, but also make it more beautiful, fertile and sweet. From bees we can learn a lot about hard work, caring for others, taking responsibilities and organizing work.

They are important to us not only because they make honey, but because the pollination of nearly 80% of the Earth's plants, including crops, depends on them. And without bees, and more precisely without pollination, we humans will have to learn to live without ⅓ of our favorite foods. By pollinating, bees help many plants produce more and better quality fruits and seeds.

The benefits of bees for nature do not end here. For example, by analyzing the pollen collected by them, we can determine the percentage of environmental pollution. More bees also means more forests, because most trees rely on their pollination. And having more forests helps prevent soil erosion, flooding and helps clean air.

For the last 15 years, nearly 40% of them have disappeared worldwide, and every year Bulgarian beekeepers suffer increasing losses due to poisoning, lack of grazing and low purchase prices of honey. Our mission is to help increase bee populations and maintain balance in nature.

You can learn more about the project and the platform here: