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Software solutions

Moneta ERP

Integrated information ERP system, built on a modular principle, which provides connectivity and transparency of all activities and processes in the company

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Moneta Auto

Appropriate solution for all companies operating in the automotive industry, importer or dealer of cars. Improve the quality of customer service

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Moneta E-Shop

Your business works for you 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Always be one step ahead of your competitors

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Moneta Mobile

Software application based on best practices in the field of on-site sales. Modify according to the needs of your business

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Moneta Mobile Service

Решение предназначено за мобилен сервиз, инсталиране или профилактика на техника при клиента. Ефективност, контрол и организиране на мобилните монтажни групи техници

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Moneta WMS

Complex logistics solution with which you manage, organize and improve the work of your warehouse. Increase efficiency and productivity

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Moneta Leasing

Further developed module to Moneta ERP, which covers the entire cycle of the leasing process

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Offered services

Software development

With the rapid development of information technology, the demand increases for flexible, innovative and comprehensive software products that meet the business processes in the company and lead to increased efficiency. At Innovasys we have focused not only on offering software services, but also on building complete and individual solutions to the specific business needs of our customers, applying best practices in software development.

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Implementation and maintenance

For the successful implementation of Moneta ERP, we prepare a work plan and timelines for each stage of implementation. We help to configure the software, migrate data to Moneta ERP, tests, provide the necessary functional and technical documentation, training of various teams. Our specialists have professional experience and knowledge to provide a full range of services for maintenance and optimization of business processes

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Cloud services

If you want to transfer the care of purchasing, updating and maintaining physical servers or you do not have a specialist in the organization to be engaged in their administration, the cloud servers we offer are the right solution for you! You configure the server according to your current needs and pay exactly as much as you use!

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